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Job and Collaboration Opportunities

Would you like to work with children and the youth? Are you passionate about education and new technologies?


At Yapıcı Teknoloji Robotik (YAPTR), we are always on the look out for new team members who can help with our Yapan Çocuk ve GİTEKA programs. The positions we have available are full-time, part-time, project-based and internships. 

Currently, all our positions require a good command of Turkish. You can find a list of all available positions here. If you can think of other ways you can support our team, please contact us at

For more info and applications:



Our goal is not to teach the children, but to be a part of their discoveries, to make their learning adventures more fun, to ask the right questions when they’re stuck, and to open them new doors when they’re bored. We founded Yapan Çocuk with the belief that children are always capable of dreaming bigger and doing more. 



Since 2015, we worked closely with hundreds of young entrepreneurs and organized 3-month long startup accelerators for them ( While working with entrepreneurs from universities around Turkey, we also started working with high school students. At YAPTR, while giving consultancy to corporations on technology and digital transformation, we also discover with young entrepreneurs what it takes for them to be successful. In 2019, we are organizing summer camps in collaboration with Boğaziçi University and Sabancı University in Istanbul. 

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