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We are bringing together corporate professionalism and the agility of a startup culture in a multi-disciplinary team. 

YAPTR is a company based in Turkey and its full name Yapıcı Teknoloji Robotik covers our main areas of expertise and interest. However, much is usually lost in translation, so let’s first start with some common terminology in English and what happens when we translate this terminology to Turkish. 

Disruptive technologies is a buzzword often used in our industry. It refers to technologies which attempt to completely transform specific markets, disrupt industries, and change consumer or even general human behavior. The direct translation of disruptive technology to Turkish which is being adopted is “yıkıcı teknoloji” which sounds more ominous than its original form because its meaning is closer to “destructive technology”.

What disruptive technologies guarantee to bring is change more than anything. Whether this change is positive or negative depends almost entirely on how and with how much responsibility that technology is used and how prepared the society is for the change that is coming. We believe this terminology should not necessarily be loaded with negative connotations. 

That is why instead of using the word disruptive (or destructive in Turkish), we prefer to use the antonym “constructive” which is a nice play on words in Turkish. Constructive in Turkish is “yapıcı” whose root is “yap” which means “to make”. “Making” happens to be our starting point with references to the maker movement and maker technologies.


This all brings us to our name. Yapıcı Teknoloji refers both to disruptive technology which is cutting edge technology bringing major change; and constructive technology where in the design and implementation of this technology, potential social problems around this technology are addressed by a diverse group of actors in the society. For more on constructive technology assessment, please take a look at this.

Finally, we use robotics both in our workshops and our industry solutions. 

For other topics which make us wake up to go to work each morning, please take a look at our blog

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